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Save Me a Dance

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“I look stupid.” Nico insisted, playing with the tie around his neck.

“It’s a tux. It’s not exactly meant to be the most normal garment. But maybe if you stood still long enough for me to finish tailoring it you wouldn’t look stupid.” Annabeth was very fussy about her sewing.

“I’m just saying. I don’t have a date anyway. No one from the school wants to hang around me. They don’t even know my parentage. They just think I’m creepy.” Nico spoke with a tone that was equal parts pissed and upset.

“Nico, they just haven’t gotten a chance to know you yet. Plus there was that whole incident with the lunch lady.” She placed another pin in the bottom of his pants.

“It was absolutely not my fault that my father sent a substitute lunch lady to spy on me. Ghosts are known to vanish when I try hard enough. I couldn’t make it inconspicuous.” He seemed quite convinced that he was in no way in the wrong.

Annabeth just mumbled a reply as she stuck some pins in her mouth to hold them as she made more adjustments.

Nico had to admit, the more she adjusted the tux; the less idiotic he looked in it.

After another half hour of a fidgety demigod with ADHD standing still, Annabeth decreed that he was done.

Nico sighed in relief and went to go change back into his worn gray t-shirt and his jeans.

“You’re sure that it’ll be done by tomorrow?” He asked, sounding almost hopeful that she would say no.

Annabeth just smiled at him and assured him that it would be done in plenty of time.

Nico just rolled his eyes and left her dorm. Most of the kids at Camp Half Blood had decided to attend public school except for Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Will, and himself. Many people were curious why he chose to attend private school instead of public school and he promptly stated it was easier to hide.

Everyone seemed to understand his desire for some solitude except for Will. Will Solace was arguably Nico’s best friend and the most annoying person he knew. Which was saying a lot because he knew Leo.

“Hey sunshine, you heading to dinner any time soon?” Will asked as Nico passed his door. He rolled his eyes at the son of Apollo as he moved to enter the room.

“Actually I was gonna head back to my dorm. Annabeth was just fitting my tux for that stupid dance tomorrow. She got a few jabs in and I want to take a nap.” Will laughed at the thought of Nico being taken down by a pin prick.

“You’ve fought against the Roman legion, but pin pricks are too much for you. Come here skelly.” Will gestured to the space next to him on the bed before getting up to retrieve his first aid kit.

Nico just sat down, knowing all too well that there was no use. Once Will gave ‘doctor’s orders’ there was nothing he could do.

“Where’d she get you?” He asked, doing a quick once over of his own as he prepared his supplies.

“The only one that I’m still noticing is my ankle.” Nico responded, raising his ankle and pulling the leg of his pant up to reveal a small trail of blood.

“How did you not notice a trickle of blood running down your ankle?!” Will exclaimed, being dramatic as always.

“It’s a little prick. Stop over-reacting. As a son of Apollo, you know that it’s nothing serious.” Nico exclaimed, rolling his eyes again.

Will reached out and ran an alcohol wipe over the source of the blood. It was a small wound, so a band-aid and some Neosporin sufficed.

“All good to go. I hope that doesn’t affect your dancing skills.”

Nico blushed a bit when he brought up the Prom.

“I don’t even want to go but Annabeth insisted. She says it’s a necessary part of the high school experience.” He stood up, moving a bit further away from Will.

“I for one am glad you’re going. Now I’ll have someone else to talk to.”

Nico looked at Will with surprise. “I thought that you had that thing for the Camp. The counselor meeting.”

Will just shook his head. “They rescheduled because Clarisse also has a dance and when that girl wants something it gets done.”

Nico just pictured Clarisse in a dress and makeup and began to laugh.

“I know. Can you even imagine her dancing?” The two boys laughed together as they both pictured the ridiculous scene.

“You should do that more often.” Will stated, laying down on his bed. Nico regarded him with confusion as he tried to figure out what he meant.

“What should I do?” He asked sitting in the chair in front of Will’s desk. His eyes were immediately drawn to the picture in a frame above his head. It was a picture of the two of them from Nico’s 17 birthday. The entire Camp had thrown him a surprise party and, after he had a heart attack and got over being angry, he had had a wonderful time. Annabeth took the picture of them when Will lead the chorus of campers singing Happy Birthday. He looked so happy, and it was one of his favorite pictures of himself.

“Smile.” Was Will’s only response.

It was a good thing Will was lying down because he couldn’t see Nico’s blush. Even with Nico’s olive skin, he looked almost pink due to the intensity of his blush.

“Hey Will, dinner?” Was shouted from the hallway.

“Yeah just a sec!” He yelled back, sitting up quickly. He offered for Nico to follow him, but Nico just shook his head; trying desperately to use his hair to hide his blush.

“I have some homework to do. I’ll catch up with you later.” Will didn’t seem to believe him but chose to let it go.

“Alright. See you later sunshine.” Will ran around the corner to catch up with whoever had called to him.

Nico walked solemnly back to his dorm and closed the door firmly behind him. He was one of the few students to have a single room. Even the other kids from Camp Half Blood had roommates. There was just an odd number of them, and with Nico’s ability to sometimes raise the spirits of the dead; he guessed that it was probably a good thing.

Will had wanted to room with Nico instead of Percy, but he insisted that the extra alone time would do him good. The best part about rooming alone was that unless he left his door open, no one could bother him. The worst part was that Will had gotten a child of Hermes to teach him how to break into a simple lock.

He skipped dinner when he got back and realized he actually did have a paper due the next day. It was almost 2 in the morning when he finally drifted off to sleep at his desk. He didn’t even hear Will break in. He must’ve used some magic because there was no way Nico wouldn’t have felt Will pick him up and tuck him into bed. He left Nico sleeping peacefully, but before he left he planted a soft kiss on Nico’s forehead.

“Save me a dance tomorrow sunshine.” Will left and went off to his own bed. Where, helpless to stop it, he dreamed about Nico’s lips. The innocent smile of his dreams. How his hair sometimes flew in-front of his eyes. His beautiful smile. Everything about him.

The Prom was in just 18 hours. He had only 18 hours before he made a move.