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Because I've Got You, Wise Girl

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"You're all grown up..." Sally beams, straightening Percy's sea blue bow tie as he blushes.
"Mom, I'm sixteen-"
"I know!" She finishes with his tie before pulling him into a hug. There's an unspoken end to that sentence about how neither of them thought he'd survive to sixteen, but that would put an unneeded dampen on the night.

It isn't every day that a half-blood lasts so long, let alone the subject of a Great Prophecy that would really kick in on his sixteenth birthday. He spent years being hunted by monsters while having gods looking for ways and reasons to get rid of him, but now his sixteenth birthday has long since passed. The school year is a month away from ending, and it's prom night.
He and Sally walk out of his bedroom, and Percy has to catch his breath.

Standing in the living room of their apartment is his date and girlfriend, Annabeth. She's dressed in gray, her dress floor-length and hanging off her shoulders, a sash of sorts wrapped around her at her elbows. She's wearing a pair of silver owl earrings, a symbol of her mother, and her blonde hair cascades down her back with silver barrettes keeping it out of her face.
Percy didn't realize he was starring until Paul elbowed him in the side, shocking him back to Earth. His face goes red as he walks to her, taking her hand. "You're... gorgeous, Annabeth."
"Thank you," she smiles and kisses his cheek. He almost starts staring at her again, thinking about how elegant and regal she looks, and yet her muscles are obvious and he knows she has her knife strapped to her leg under that skirt.

After Sally takes pictures of the young couple, they leave the apartment and Percy starts driving them to his school. "You've got such a cheesy look on your face, Seaweed Brain."
"That's because I've got you, Wise Girl." He looks over at her, doing his best to split his attention between her and the road. "You're gorgeous, you're smart, and you could kick anyone's ass. I'm so lucky..."
She gets red and looks away from him, "I think your luck is mostly in how you've managed to survive so long-"
"I wouldn't have if I didn't have you by my side." She sputters, trying to say something while flustered. She settles for just taking one of his hands, holding it in her lap as they near his high school.

They walk into Goode High School, their arms interlocked. They get stares as they head over to the dance floor, right in time for a slow song to start. Annabeth pulls Percy close, placing their hands in the right places and leading him through the dance.
They spend the night dancing, drinking shitty punch, talking, and looking out for monsters that never dare to show up. It's one of the best dates the young couple has had, and they just know it'll get better as more time goes on...